Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy at Diamondhead Ventures is to identify emerging and disruptive technologies based on strong, defensible intellectual property and, with the support of the Diamondhead Ecosystem, work closely with passionate entrepreneurs to build future industry leaders. We focus primarily on early stage opportunities and leverage our close relationships with leading research universities to discover the most promising ideas. Diamondhead believes that spin-out opportunities offer significant capital efficiency benefits by leveraging prior research and development efforts, thereby enabling Diamondhead to fund emerging technologies at lower risk and lower cost than typical early stage opportunities. Our extensive university and industry-based Ecosystem also enables our portfolio companies to grow at an accelerated pace as management teams leverage our relationships and gain active guidance from a breadth of experts.

With defensible intellectual property as one of our key criterion, we make initial seed and Series A investments. Our sphere of technology focus includes information security, enterprise 2.0, SaaS and computational biology. Unlike many venture capital firms, we will invest in a company prior to the full development of the technology and/or management team and look to partner with visionary and passionate first-time entrepreneurs. We ensure capital efficiency by tying financing to milestones achieved, sharing in accountability for hitting these goals.