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Diamondhead Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in companies developing disruptive technologies with deep intellectual property. We draw upon our extensive operating, investment, and university experience and leverage our proprietary Ecosystem of relationships to assist startup companies and in most cases, first-time entrepreneurs, throughout their lifecycle of growth. We have a particular focus and a strong history in identifying exceptional ideas and promising investment opportunities at leading research universities.


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Confidentality Statement

The reports available on our web site contain highly confidential information for use by our Limited Partners only. We ask that our Limited Partners (and their official designees) maintain this information in strictest confidence. Any disclosure of this information could cause financial or strategic damage to the Diamondhead Ventures Partnership or to one of our portfolio companies. By reading this information, each Limited Partner agrees that this information (i) shall be used by the Limited Partner solely in support of its interests as a Limited Partner and shall not be used for any other purposes, and (ii) shall not be disclosed to any other person or entity or reproduced in any manner (electronic or otherwise) without the prior express written consent of the Diamondhead Ventures General Partner.

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