Cavium Networks ( IPO Q2 2007 (CAVM)

Cavium Networks is a leader in Security and MIPS® Based Single & Multi-Core Processors for networking, wireless, storage and control plane applications. Cavium Networks offers a broad portfolio of integrated, software compatible processors and accelerator boards ranging in performance from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps that enable secure, intelligent functionality in SOHO/SME, Enterprise and Service provider network equipment. Cavium Networks processors are supported by a rich ecosystem of software, silicon and ODM hardware solutions from leading vendors in Networking, UTM (unified threat management), Wireless, Voice, Operating System, Java, Motherboard and other areas.

Danger, Inc. ( ACQUIred BY mICROSOFT Q2 2008

Danger, Inc., has created a “hiptop” mobile service and device that seamlessly connects to wireless networks providing consumers the freedom to browse the entire Internet, exchange instant messages and send and receive email with attachments. Danger provides back-end services, the mobile software for handheld devices, and hardware production designs to wireless carriers. Danger’s first customer was T-Mobile, which launched its Sidekick service in the U.S. in October, 2002. Danger was founded by former Apple Computer and WebTV veterans.

Entercept Security Technologies ( Acquired by McAfee Q2 2003

McAfee acquired Entercept Security Technologies in April 2003 for $120 Million. Entercept Security Technologies develops server security products that prevent access to server resources before any unauthorized activity occurs. Entercept provides essential protection beyond the firewall by identifying attacks and instantly taking action to stop hacker attacks before they cause damage. The Web Server Edition offers unique protection for Web servers as well as applications. Entercept’s server security product won the InfoWorld Magazine's “2001 Technology of the Year Award". Sun, a Diamondhead Corporate Partner, was a co-investor. The technology for this product was developed at and spun out of Technion University in Israel.

Orative ( Acquired by cisco systems Q4 2006

Orative was founded to improve the usability and efficiency of voice communications for business users. Orative develops mobile application solutions that improve business competitiveness by increasing the usability and effectiveness of voice communications over mobile phones.

PassMark Security ( Acquired by Rsa Security Q2 2006

RSA Security acquired Passmark for approximately $50 million dollars, less than two years after Diamondhead seeded PassMark.. PassMark develops solutions to help combat identity theft on the Internet – and particularly phishing attacks.

Reactivity ( Acquired by Cisco Systems Q1 2007

Reactivity provides network security appliances that enable the safe deployment of XML and Web services-based applications. The company is targeting Global 2000 enterprise customers in select vertical markets that leverage XML and Web services to integrate applications. The company's flagship product, Reactivity XML Firewall™, is a safe, fast and efficient security solution that protects businesses while tackling the hidden costs of XML and Web services.

Serus ( Acquired by E2open Q2 2015

Serus Corporation is an enterprise software solution provider that helps companies manage their outsourced manufacturing operations. A leader in intelligent, collaborative value-chain solutions, Serus' enterprise solution consist of configurable software that enables companies to integrate business processes and rule drivers among trading partners to achieve common production goals. Serus' real-time technology provides instantaneous automated transactions, co-managed inventory, and performance measurements throughout the value chain.

Truviso ( Acquired by cisco systems Q2 2012

Cisco Systems acquired Truviso in Q2 2012.Truviso is in stealth mode and currently developing a solution in the real time business intelligence area. The company is led by Professor Michael Franklin of the Computer Sciences Division of U.C. Berkeley and a renowned leader in the field of large-scale distributed database systems.


UPEK's silicon fingerprint identification solutions have been shipping in volume and have been integrated into a variety of commercial applications. UPEK offers the full range of capabilities needed to deliver end-to-end solutions that make security convenient and easy to use, including silicon fingerprint sensors, biometric algorithms, companion processors and application software. .